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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life Check

It amazes me how time passes without even knowing what happened to it. I remember being in 4th grade sitting on the deck at my parents house, wishing to be in 8th grade. Those 4 years took what seemed to be a life time. 4 years can pass now and it will seem like 1!

February 2011 already! I never thought that I would be where I am today – I guess I never really thought about it though. I never dreamed up the perfect wedding, or the perfect guy. I did think about how I wanted to be married (at some point) and I do remember thinking about having a daughter- I have always wanted to have kids. I remember being a kid thinking about what I would say to my kids – lol.

Work: I never thought that I would work in insurance…that just happened by mistake. I guess that most people don’t grow up thinking that they want to work in this field. After close to 7 years I’m still not even sure if I want to work in insurance. At least the agency that I work for is not really an insurance company and the same demands of screwing people out of $$$ is not a played out here. I did that for 9 months and couldn’t handle it. If I don’t feel right about something it won’t work for me. I must say that for the most part I do like working here- I have learned so much! Auto, property damage, general liability, subrogation, and now work comp- most adjusters only handle one type of claim…I am a valuable asset! (I’m so vain apparently).

I am happy that I’m trying to make DB Custom Creations work. I love making cards and all things crafty. It is nice to be able to make some side income from my hobby. Though I feel that I have spent more money than I have made! I keep hoping that if I stick with it, things will turn around. I’m going to be in my first craft show on March 19th. I’m very excited about it and have being work like an elf to stock pile. I haven’t really added much to my etsy site because I’m saving it for the show. I have a small fear that I’m putting all this work into it and it will be a failure, but I need to believe that won’t be the case.

Family & Friends: I am close to my family; I see most of them at least 2 times a week: Wednesday night for dinner and Sunday for lunch- we’re Italian that is what we do. At times it gets to be a lot- feels like an obligation. Normally that is when there is fighting. Which seems to happen semi a lot. That is topic for another blog- so I will just leave that one alone. My girlfriends…ahh there is another upsetting issue in my life. I have been best friends with the same girls since grade school. Most of us are spread out now, and living our own lives we are all working, in relationships…so on and so forth. I’m just sad because I feel as if they have stopped making an effort. Thinking about it makes me so sad and disappointed.

Relationship: Things with Lu are going well- the past 6 months have gone by very fast. I don’t think that there is such a thing as the perfect relationship; it’s always a work in progress. I am happy with Lu, he makes me feel special and loved, he makes me laugh, he’s there for me when I need him; I think that he is a good match for me. I try to be there for him in any way that I can be. I love him- he is a really good thing in my life.

When I started writting this in the morning, I wanted some sort of inspiration to want to work. I wasn't sure what I was going to write about, it just sort of happened. I think that we could all use some inspiration at times...I guess for me a review of where I am in life helps.

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That is all for now...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Go Wild!

I spent the whole day working on an order for Go Wild Birthday Invitations. The party is at a indoor jungle themed amusement park for kids. I have never created any jungle themed cards or invites before, so coming up with ideas was a challenge for me. I spent about 2 hours wondering around Michaels looking for ideas. I didn't find anything that really screamed jungle to me. It was the most frustrating 2 hours I have ever spent in a Michaels before!

I did get some things, and took them to my parent's house, always good to get other's opinions...they all agreed- not Jungle enough. I was even more angry after that.

I took a day off from the project and then headed out to Hobby Lobby...thank you for being so wonderful Hobby Lobby!!! They had just what I was looking for. The bright colored zebra prints, the leopard prints...I knew that this was going to work!

I am lucky to have a Silhouette SD Machine (thanks to Lu), so I found my monkey cut out. I was all make sample # 1.
When I was done, I was so happy and proud of the sample, then I thought- crap now I need to come up with some more. I decided that I would show the first sample to the client, hoping that she would love it as much as I did and not worry about another one...and well, I was lucky because she loved it, and didn't want to see any others!

It's more difficult and time consuming to make these than one would order of 20 took all day. Cutting the paper alone took hours. I'm one tired lady! Just so happy that I have completed the order, and will make a 5 year old girl's birthday extra special!
Go Wild Invitations are available for custom order on my website. The cost for 10 of them is $27.50, more than 10 can be purchased. They are also customizable, a different animal can be featured or no animal at all. They would be great for parties/benefits at the zoo; can you imagine how fun these could be for a bachelorette party invite?

These iniviations are on 5 by 7 inch flat notes, the front side is the monkey & Go Wild. The back side has all the party details.

Contact me with any questions you have!

Thanks and hope you have a WILD ONE!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 Months Today

Love you lots Mr. Lu!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love is in the Air!

February, the month of love! I can't believe that it is already February. The count down to Valentines day has begun! I'm especially excited, since I will be going to the Smokey Mountains with Lu. Our first trip! I'm very excited...I plan on zip lining through the smokies.

We are staying in a small cabin in the mountains...there will be both an outdoor and indoor hot tub. I love outdoor hot tubs- especially going in them while it's snowing outside! So excited to be away from everything and to be able to spend quality time him Lu.

DB Custom Creations has plenty of can find one for your significant other, or for your best friend. Valentine's Day is not just a day for lovers, it a day to show all the people we care for how much we love them!

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