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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Starbucks and Ethanol

Earlier today I found out that Starbucks has raised their prices for the 2nd time this year, this time by 9 cents a cup. Though it may not seem like a big increase at first glance, it is. The reason for this price increase: the increased production of ethanol. Interesting how ethanol, a corn based biofuel, would raise the cost of a cup of coffee....Please tell me again why we are feeding our livestock corn in stead of alfalfa? That in itself is another discussion that I'll leave for another time.

Learning that Starby's raised their prices, probed me to do more research on ethanol. I have seen commercials stating that ethanol is the answer to global warming and that it will help cut prices in oil, since we won't be so dependent on the Middle East for our gas. Hearing that the Bush Administration is behind this, I knew that there was a catch... so this is what I found:

Currently, in the US, ethanol represents 3% of the total fuel. In the next five years, they plan on doubling that amount and spending $5.7 billion in tax credits to subsidize large farming corporations. Ethanol does have lower amounts of "atmosphere warming carbons" but it is more expensive to produce ethanol then it is regular gasoline. Using coal fired power plants to power the facilities produces more greenhouse gases then the use of gasoline. Ethanol Plants could be powered using natural gases, but is more expensive. Ethanol also gets lower mpg, so we'll be frequenting the pumps more often.

So if ethanol is not the solution to our problem...what is? We can start with hybrid vehicles, since they help to ween us off of gasoline, but even still that is not enough. I think that we should make use of the distributed power grid, by using renewable energy that we can get from solar power.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Smoke Free

Starting on January 1, 2008 Illinois will join with 21 other states to become smoke free!!!! I am very excited about this. I despise going to restaurants and being forced to breath in other people's bad habits. I applaud Blagojevich for signing this bill, since he had so much pressure not to sign it by the Illinois Licensed Beverage Association. I spoke to a coworker that is a smoker and she is hoping that not being able to smoke in public will deter her from smoking and eventually help her to quit.

In other news, I went on a 15 mile bike ride after work today. It was most excellent. I love riding to Community Park in Lisle. It is one of my favorite parks. My favorite bridge is located in the park.

It is so simple, yet so beautiful. Riding a bike over it is a lot of fun too- it felt like a mini roller-coaster ride, the way it goes up and down so steeply- you can't really tell from the photo though.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Insight to my life

I Live in a condo, in a Chicago Suburb.

I Work at a non-for profit agency that deals with municipalities and insurance.

I Talk all the time.

I Wish people could learn to get along with each other and respect others for who they are. That people did not try to force their beliefs on others, and judge people who are different then themselves.

I Enjoy biking, scrapbooking, politics, nature, and dancing.

I Look up to those who have left all that they’ve known to start over in hopes of a better life.

I Find people that have narrow view points to be shallow, egotistical, and ignorant.

I Smell like fresh cotton.

I Hide my true feelings at times to avoid conflict.

I Pray only when I feel helpless.

I Walk to conserve the resources that we all take for granted.

I Write what I feel.

I See too many young girls sell themselves out.

I Sing all the time.

I Can speak Italian fluently.

I Watch too much HGTV, the Dailey Show, The Colbert Report, Gray’s Anatomy, and Brothers and Sisters.

I Yearn to be the best person that I can possible be.

I Daydream all the time.

I Want to find happiness in a career, and the true meaning of life.

I Cry often.

I Read so that I can exercise my brain.

I Love the feeling of accomplishment, the sun penetrating my skin, feeling sore from a good workout, arguing about politics, and my friends and family.

I Wonder how people think going to church makes them a better person, when they lie, cheat, and steal every other day.

I Touch prickly surfaces because it tickles my fingers.

I Hurt inside for various reasons.

I Fear the effects of global warming, not living up to my own set standards, and making mistakes in which a lesson is not learned.

I Hope for world peace, a better health care system in this country, and a democratic president in 08.

I Break cell phones on a regular basis.

I Eat much better than I used to.

I Quit pretending that I know all the answers.

I Bathe so that I do not smell.

I Drink water, Bacardi and Diet, and at times Lemonade.

I Stopped writing poetry, and wish that I had not.

I Save money on gas when I ride my bike to work.

I Hug friends and family every time I see them.

I Play to keep the child alive in me.

I Miss being a college student with out any real responsibilities, summer vacation, my family in Italy, and best friends who moved away for work.

I Hold the key to my own happiness.

I Forgive others more easily then I forgive myself.

I Drive myself crazy.

I Learn as much as I can everyday.

I Have several thoughts go through my mind all the time.

I Don't like the way that the Bush Administration is running this country.

I Made it this far…

I Kiss Steve everyday.

I Believe in reproductive freedom, a national health care system, holding grudges only brings you down, jealously is a form of insecurity, and you can never eat too much chocolate.

I Wait for the things that I know are worth waiting for.

I Need to figure out what I want to do when “I grow up.”

I Feel that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.

I Know that I still have many adventures to take, and life lesions to learn.

I am only 24.

First Post

This is my first post...I promise it will get more exciting then this.
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