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Friday, October 22, 2010

Life is changing

Time has been passing quicker than I can even keep up with. I can't even believe that it is so close the the end of October. WHAT!!! I still don't even have a Halloween Costume picked out. I don't know if I really feel like getting all slutted out and going out. Life is changing for me...

I feel like my priorities are changing; it's a little scary to me, but I know that I am ready. I'm in a relationship, a real relationship- I haven't really been in a real relationship since the ex fiance close to 3 years ago (damn it was that long ago). It's sometimes is difficult for me not to think in the we sense. I know that we have only been dating for 3 months, but this is the real deal. I strongly believe that Lu will make the cut and be around for the long haul. So, I have to start thinking in the we sense.

I'm also focusing a lot of time on getting my business together. I know that making/selling greeting cards won't be my new career now, but I'm really hoping that I can make some extra cash with it. I'm starting to work on my holiday creations, so it's about to get even more busy for me! My cards can be looked at HERE. I am able to do custom cards as well.

In other news, I think that How I Met Your Mother is the best show ever! I am so addicted to it, it's not even funny. I love, love, love it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In case of Fire

Lu had had a fire in his apartment building last week and it got me to thinking, what would I take with me in case there was a fire in my place.

Top things:

Cell phone

All of those seem very feasible and easy- but what about my scrapbooks- I would want those to be saved...I have too many- there is no way I could grab them all.

Also, I would like to voice a complaint about IBF Management Company- they have made this process so much harder on him- if moving to Chicago- don't go with them- they are horrible horrible horrible.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hot Chocolate

I decided that I was going to start weight watchers again (just started on Monday). I just do it on my own- I guess I'm too cheap to pay to attend meetings or do it online. As long as you have motivation and self discipline I think that it is very easy to do it on your own. For the most part, I would say that I'm self disciplined- 3 years ago I did it, and I lost over 20 pounds!

So this am, I decided I would get a hot chocolate from starbys(since I have a gift card); I got the tall, nonfat milk, and no whip cream. I'll be dammed that it still is 4 points. fair! No wonder it tastes so good!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cards, cards, cards

I'm so proud of myself, I have managed to make 4 cards this evening and plan on making more...

Hard at Work

Today is my work from home day, the best day out of the week! My company is that wonderful that they give us every other Friday off and we get to work from home one day every other week too! Even though I work very close to my house, only having to drive to the office 4 times a week does really save on gas.

This morning, I rolled out of bed at 7:15 and attempted to sign on through the VPN and it wouldn't work- think that I would actually have to get dressed and go into the office. I kept trying but it was a no go...Lucky for me, the whole server is one is able to work. My coworker wanted to paint her At least I'm at home and I can do whatever I would like...I feel bad for my coworkers stuck in the office today.

What will I do with my time...make greeting cards! You can check them out here, and buy one if you like!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Photo Highlights

Sunday, October 3, 2010

28 Years Later

On October 1, 1982 at 3Am, after several hours of my mother going through labor, and my father sleeping in the car, I was born in a small hospital on the mountains, in a small town in Sicily. Who would of ever thought I would be where I'm at 28 years later? Time flies when your having fun- I know the biggest cliche ever, but it has proven to be true.

This weekend has been jammed packed with so much going on, Rock of Ages, The Museum of Science and Industry, the beach, tons of delicious dinners, Garfield Park Conservatory, shopping, lots of wine, family, friends, and the best man that I could ask for at my side. I would have to say that 28 appears to be an excellent year so far. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family, and to have Lu in my life. I'm happy and at peace, and that is the best gift of all.
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