Little Sicily Shares All...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I learned what a ditto machine is today!

I have not left home since Tuesday evening. I have been sick ever since. My days have been filled with laying around in bed. Thanks to the internet keeping me busy, I have not been as bored as expected.

I was able to vote on Tuesday, so that is always a plus...

Sal has been kind in getting me Jamba Juice and bringing home thai food for dinner tonight...yummy. Padi Thai is my favorite.

I hear that is has snowed a ton- sucks that I missed driving in it.

I'm on the wellness committee at my work and we have started a walking program. Our goal is to walk to Siesta Key in 10 months...I was doing great, walking about about 12k a day...until now that is. Yesterday, I walked a whopping 146 steps...woot! I'll be there in no time. Actually, I will be there on March 17th! I'm so excited. I can not wait to get away from the snow, lay at the beach, getting a tan, and spending quality time with the in laws. It just be a great time. I'm, stoked.

Alright must get back to my Law and Order...hahaha.
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