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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I want to scream....

I received this email:

"Ordering a Pizza in 2012

This is absolutely hilarious, but the scary part about it is that it's probably not too far away from being reality, providing Obama has his way with socialized medicine, and digitizing medical records.

Want to know how to order a pizza in 2012? Click the link and see.

Turn up the volume, listen closely and watch the pointer!"

I will admit that it is funny...hahaha you call to order a pizza and they have all your information- hilarious - sure whatever.

What makes me so angry is the message behind it...Obama and Socialized Medicine...for the love of god people- that is not what he is trying to accomplish. A national health care system would benefit this country- there are so many people who file for bankruptcy because they can't pay medical bills. The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee access to health care as a right of citizenship. If we had a national health care system, the country would be saving money (taking out administrative costs) and all citizens would be covered. To me, that is not socialism, that is making sure you take care of your citizens...

Also, with a national health system, There would be no management of care, unlike the current managed care system which mandates insurer preapproval for services thus undercutting patient confidentiality and taking health care decisions away from the health care provider and no worries, when you go to order a pizza, they will not have all your information readily available. SUCH BULLSHIT...grrr makes me angry. I hate hate hate when people use humor to try to coerce people into believing what they want them to.

It pisses me off the some crazy right wing republic is sending out this email as a scare tactic; and what pisses me off even more is all the ignorant people who will see this and believe it will happen. GRRRRRR Angry Fists...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Until there is a cure there is Curel

This morning, I woke up at 4:30am with high hopes of going to the gym. After actually getting up and out of bed, I had horrible stomach pain. Wasn't too sure what it was, but when nothing seemed to be helping it, I decided I was just going to go back to bed. I couldn't run with stomach pain!

Sleep actually did help, but while getting ready for work, thoughts of guilt and failure crept in; thinking that I had only made it to the gym 2 mornings this work week. My bare minimum is 3 days during the work week. I decided that I would make it up, by running outside during lunch...and so I did. Happy to say that I was able to get 4 miles in (going at snails pace) during my lunch hour. I didn't want to be too sweaty coming back to work; plus 80 degrees @ 12 thirty with no water (I'm not smart like that)....

I forgot how much I enjoy running outside. I always end up on a treadmill, but outside it is so much nicer. Fresh air, open space, birds, different scenery...makes for a lovely run or in my case jog. I should attempt to run outdoors more often.

So yippy!!!! I'm not as big of a slacker as I was feeling like this morning.

Dating Chronicles # 9, Long hair tattoo boy

Long hair tattoo boy, aka Joshua, was another "catch" that I met while working as a TPS at Target. It was my senior year of college, when James and I were on yet another "break."

Joshua was 19, and I was 21. I was in school, and he was a townie, living in his grandma's basement. The first time that I saw Joshua, I was attracted to him, not in a sexual way. He was so different from anyone I had ever befriended. He was tall, well built, had long flowy hair, that was almost as nice as mine, and tattoos all over his body. He was mysterious and I was curious.

I realized that I would follow him around the store...being a TPS I didn't really do work- so I followed this 19 year old boy around like a little puppy dog. I didn't even realize that I was doing it, until I found myself in the back room helping him put saran wrap on a huge transfer...I enjoyed talking to him, our lives were completely different, we had absolutely nothing in common- I think that is why I was so attracted to him. I wanted to learn about him, attempted to get an understanding of what moved him, what made him decide to put ink all over his body.

In my mind, this attraction that I had towards him was nothing more than curiosity...I didn't want to date him- he was 19, I couldn't even go to a bar with the kid. I think that is why I was able to be so open and comfortable around him. I could be myself without any hesitation or insecurities coming into play. He was nice, and I enjoyed conversating with him.

My senior year of college, I attempted to deactivate from my sohority...I had enough...wished that I had never even rushed. I was not allowed to deactivate they needed me for my GPA (so sad) but I didn't attend any sohority functions, or pay dues. My so called "friends" stopped talking to me because I betrayed the "sisterhood." WHATEVER! Needless to say, I found myself friendless, so I had to go outside of my bubble...and I became friends with my coworkers.

One night, a group of us were going to go to some girl's house (her name couldn't tell you), Joshua was closing with us that night, so I invited him to tag along. Funny how alcohol can bring out feelings you never knew you had. All I remember from that evening is busting out into some porn-like dance routine in front of all my coworkers...great! I should add that at this point in my life it was a "goal" to be the token white girl in a rap video...lets just say that I got skillz.

After my performance, Joshua was at my side, complementing me on my skillz, for being a white girl....correction I'm a Mediterranean Islander. Soon after, the two of us started dancing and I started to feel warm fuzzes inside every time we'd brush up on each other. I was confused- really from this 19 year long hair tattooed, no, it just must be the alcohol.

The next night, somehow Joshua and another coworker of mine (Ryan) ended up coming to my place for movie night. It was known the Ryan had a crush on me, but I did not want anything to do with him in that way. He reminded me too much of James- same personality, same likes...I needed something/someone different. It was a little awkward...watching movies with theses two who was clearly interested in me, and the other one who I was crushing on. We watched movie after movie that night...some how in the middle of it all, I realize that Joshua and I are holding hands...WTF how did that happen?

I remember wanting Ryan to go home...wondering why he hadn't yet. Finally, after the 3rd movie was over, I had enough and I said it was my bed time. Ryan, being the nice guy that he is left without question. Joshua was going to walk out with him, but then lingered behind saying that he had to use the bathroom real quick. The second that Ryan was gone, Joshua and I turned to each other and started making out.

I must add that it is one of the best make out sessions that I have ever had. His lips, his touch, man just thinking about that night can stir something up inside of me. We made out for 3 hours straight...I was on cloud 9. Our relationship moved fast, I was just trying to fill the void that James had left. By the end of week one, he was already my boyfriend, we had the sex (thumbs up...those tall skinny boys I tell you!), probably had our first fight by that point too. Lets just say that Joshua was dramatic and intense and he was also republican. I knew that our relationship was going no where. I knew that somehow James and I would end up back together, and that Joshua would be nothing more then a fling.

Joshua was nice and I liked him, but he was alot to handle. We fought nonstop about politics, religion, his jealousy issues, his lack of acceptance of his illegitimate child, and his sexual orientation...I was certain that he swung both ways. It was a short lived relationship with many highlights and lowlights:

Joshua listened to very different music then I did, in my time dating him he introduced me to what I consider angry punk music...I started to listen and enjoy bands like 3 days grace, slipknot, bowling for soup, and yellowcard. To this day I still like listening to the cd's that he made me.

Joshua was a very sexual person and together...well it was phenomenal. Marathon after marathon I tell you. One night we got through the karma sutra (I'm really flexible). I'm a fan of exploration and Joshua shared my passion in trying new things...that is probably the only thing we had in common.

So, Joshua was a phase in my life. I wanted to be naughty and adventurous...he was the perfect person. He had holes and tats all over his body, I could put my pinkie finger through his ear. He had worked at tattoo/piercing shops and had all the equipment to give them. I watched him give my friend a tattoo in my apartment and he pierced me porn style type. LOL. Yes, for 3 months of my life I had my inner labia pierced. It was the craziest thing that I have ever done in my did enhance if you get my drift. Oh man...good times.

Joshua had a friend named special K, and one night he introduced me to him. Special K put me to sleep and the next morning I didn't wake up feeling so great. I ended up throwing up on a girl at McDonald's...yea I never hung out with Special K again.

Joshua was not athletic at all- the sweetest thing that he ever did for me was buy Rollerblades so he could rollerblade with me. It was the cutest thing...he kept falling, but he'd get up and try again. I will never forget that.

I loved the way that Joshua would look at me, once glance, and he had me melting. Our relationship was very physical and one look could explain it all.

Ok enough with memory lane...why did we break up? Remeber how I said that we fought about his sexual orientation? Well, I think that Joshua had a secret love affair (or at least wanted to) with his friend Charely who worked at Steak and Shake. He would go there and sit there for hours waiting for Charely...creeped me out. There was also his friend that he had a pet name for...can't remember. I was sure that they were gay lovers though. Then, there was the fact that he was going through a divorce and failed to mention that to me. Hello buddy your 19...he also asked me to marry him and run away with him- yea that was a big fat no.

James came to visit one weekend and I told him he could stay with me- Joshua not so happy with that. I didn't care, things with Joshua were fizzing out. There is only so much fighting and making up a girl can do. When Joshua would not pick me up from a bar (he was mad at me for going out with my friends) and told me to take a cab home- it was over and done with.

I have no clue what happened to him- I know went back home, to live with his parents- but the last time I heard from him was in 2005. My guess he is either dead or in jail. He was an interesting phase of my life; a great story to share and left me with memories that will last a life time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Narrow Minded

A few days ago, I came across a radical right wing blog. There was an entry about how Russians refused to shake hands with President Obama. I had done some research on the issue; I found it very unbelievable that a country would invite a president and then snub him. Even if they hated him, in public they wouldn't behave in such a way. I learned that Obama was not snubbed by Russians, but that he was introducing President Medvedev to some coworkers who traveled with Obama to Russia.

I like to believe that I am not a narrow minded person, I keep an open mind, and listen to what other people have to say about an issue before making any sort of assumption or judgement. Ok...I'm not perfect- I do make fun of/judge people sometimes but only if they are just plain stupid. When it comes to religion and politics though, I will hear the other guy out.

So, I found this blog that is all about bashing Obama- which, if that is your thing knock yourself out. It does make me angry though, when people judge based on lies. So, I thought that I would leave a comment to this blogger, letting him know the facts of what really happened, and that he shouldn't go around spreading lies about people when he is ill-informed. All his comments require approval; and I noticed that every single comment on his entire blog agreed with all his positions. I find it hard to believe that someone with such radical right ideas would never have one person disagree...turns out- he only allows fellow radical right comments to appear. Freaking ass would not publish my comment.

Not going to lie, it angers me; I know that it is silly and insignificant, but come on buddy. It's not cool to be so narrow minded, and stuck in your ways that you won't even allow people with a different view point to comment on your blog. Apparently freedom of speech only applies to those with his same point of view...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally...some pictures from DC

Friday, July 17, 2009

Poem of the Day

The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Happy Blogoversary to me!!!

It was two years ago today that I started my blog. It's so crazy how much my life has changed in the past to years. I originally started this blog to talk about all my wedding planning- that seems like a life time ago.

I hope to celebrate many more blogoversaries...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is the New Ice Age Coming?

This morning, I woke up after only 3 hours of sleep, @ 4:20AM. I had the windows open and felt's still summer, it's not supposed to be chilly. I grab a sweater and proceed to the gym. Shivering a little, I walk into the gym, and Nancy the front desk woman says to me that the New Ice Age is I stared at her for a few seconds, and then went on my way thinking it's too freaking early for this!

I looked it up as soon as I got to work...apparently every 800,000 years the earth goes through an ice age that lasts for 100,000 years. The time in between is called the Interglacials(what we are in right now) and that last between 10,000 to 12,000 years. Lucky for us, we are near the 12 thousand year mark...WOOT!!!

I also read an article about how we should omit more CO2 into the atmosphere to extend the interglacials...all very interesting. Yea...don't really believe that...especially since they all tend to believe that either 1. the temp is not rising at all, but decreasing, or 2. it doesn't matter if the global temp is warming.

I'm going to believe that some crazy right wing republican came up with this because they don't want car emission standards to go up in 2016. I may be wrong however, we may be headed towards an Ice Age...If I live until 2022 (when it's predicted to come) I will know for sure!

Until then, I will continue to do my part in saving the earth...from global warming.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Quote of the day

"Money in the bank is like toothpaste in the tube. Easy to take out, hard to put back."
Earl Wilson

Since I am all about saving money right now, I'm loving this quote. It is so true; who would of ever thought to use an analogy such as this.

Love it!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dating Chronicles # 8, Target Boy

Fall 2003 Senior year of College

The summer before my senior year I got a job working at Target in their security department. The Target in Normal was full of college kids, so I fit right in, and loved working there. My job was a a security guard- ha that is a funny story. Lets just say that most of my time was either spent making fun of people on camera in the back room or talking to other employees. Very productive I know!

Bolt was the team leader of the cashiers...Oooo. We worked the same hours, and became friendly right away. When I first met him, James and I were dating, so my intentions did not go past friendship. When James and I went on a break (the 2nd one) Bolt and I started hanging out more often; which led into us dating. It was for a brief moment in time, and was not serious at all. We did have some fun times though- drinking at his apartment, having an all night dance party (just us two), flirting at work, more drinking...typical college stuff.

Bolt was not looking for anything serious, and either was I, I was still in love with James. It did piss me off that I would always have to be the one to call, ask him to hang out. I asked him why he would never call me and his response was because I would call him. When I stopped calling him, he still didn't really call me. He just figured I was busy. I asked him why he never called just to say hi or see how I was doing...his response because I don't feel the need to. After that...yea it was done and over with.

We were able to remain working together was not really an issue. Plus, 10 mins later, James and I were back together.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So it doesn't taste like dirty water

While visiting my friends, I tired American coffee for the first time. I normally only drink espresso or lattes. Until last week I refused to try American coffee (what most people would call regular coffee). Mary reassured me that it was good stuff and that I should just try it...she was correct. JC can make an excellent cup of joes.

So, I have made the switch (mornings only); instead of spending $3.41 on a tall Carmel skinny latte from Starby's every morning, I will drink the FREE coffee at work. I bought some sugar free hazelnut coffee mate and it does the trick! I'm even considering buying a coffee maker for my house; I only have an espresso maker. The whole bottle of Coffee Mate was $3.49...I'm so good at saving money.

Speaking of saving money- that is my new goal. I'm going on a strict budget. I'm only allowing myself $150 of spending money a month- that is for drinking, shopping, eating out...(reason why I had to cut everyday trip to Starby's out). I'm trying to not eat out (save $ and calories) as much...though it seems to be what everyone wants to do. Wish me luck on keeping within my budgets...I'm normally VERY bad at it.

However, my car will need to retire soon. Poor Ernesto Alfalfa- yes that is my car's name. He was made in 03 and has $92K miles on him. I'm hoping that he makes it a little longer, but I need to start setting some cash aside. Especially since the car I plan on buying (Toyota Pruis) has an MSRP of $28,078...yea I want all the bells and whistles. I'm such a nerd, I went on their website and built my own!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome back to the daily grind

The 4th of July has come and passed; during childhood, that would mean that back to school was fast approaching. I really do wonder where time goes- it comes and goes so fast. There is always so much that I want to do, but never feel as if there is time to get it all done.

This weekend, I was able to do one thing that I have wanted to do for a long time- visit the best friend and her bf in DC. They actually live in Annapolis, which is about 40 min outside of DC. It was so nice to get away from here and be somewhere else. I went on a White House tour, saw the Mall again, and went to a few museums and saw the fireworks on the Mall...they were amazing! We also went on a tour at the Naval Academy; it is beautiful! I will post pictures later.
It was just so nice to be able to spend time with the people I love; today it's back to work. I must say that I was uber proud of myself for getting up at 4:30Am and making it to the gym. Yeay go me!!! It was also great that my dizziness did not return!!! I was feeling good the whole weekend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If the symptoms persist come back

Two days ago @ 9am I started to feel dizzy at work. It has happened before, where I feel dizzy and as if I could be drunk. It normally goes away with in an hour. I got up walked around alittle- which made it much worse, I could barely see straight. Back to my desk; still hoping that the dizziness would just go away. Two hours pass, and I'm still feeling dizzy. Maybe I just need some sleep, I go to one of our conference rooms, lay my blanket down, and take a nap. (I have a blanket at work because I get could super easy). Laying down helps, but an hour has passed, I must go back to work. Sit at my desk and the spinning is still strong. By 1230 I'm out the door. Driving home was a bitch. Good thing that there was no traffic and barely any cars around.

Yesterday, I go to the dr. is an idiot. She forgets to do a bunch of tests and after asking me if I'm prego (no way) 20 times they give up. Well, if the symptoms persist come back and we'll look into it deeper. THANKS!!!! My dr. did say that I may have allergies and gave me some meds for that- which thankfully is helping. Feeling dizzy all day besides while lay down is not a cool way to live.

Other factors that could have contributed...sitting in the hot sun all day on Saturday and Sunday, not drinking enough water, and boozing too hard. Sunday was a great day- the drinking started at 10- I was holding off- starting in the 9 o'clock hour is just too early. Went to the PRIDE parade- it was freaking awesome- though I missed the memo to wear only duct tape to cover my nips. Oops...

I watched 16 and Pregnant for the 1st time on MTV- holy crap...but if someone bought me a ring for $21.40 at Walmart there is no way in hell that I would say yes. Call me shallow and a snob, or tell me that I don't understand the true meaning of love- but honestly- he couldn't spend at least $100? I hate that show, but I couldn't stop watching it- thanks JD I'm sure to be hooked now!

I'm going to DC tonight...I'm pretty excited...haven't been in over a year. It should be a lot of fun! We're getting a White House tour too...I love that stuff. Mostly, I'm just excited to be able to spend time with the best friend!
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