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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello Mr. Lu!

In the past month, my perspective on love and relationships has started to change. I‘m starting to believe that love can exist, and that there is a possibility that a healthy relationship is doable. I have Lu to thank; he’s come into my life and added so much happiness.

I was skeptical of meeting someone on the Internet (from past experiences), but I met him on POF, and he is a quality man and I really like him. He is helping me to understand why so many people work so hard at relationships, when they are good, they are worth working on. He is so genuine, and so funny, and I’m happy.

I have had lots of failed relationships in the past, so many in fact that I still haven’t gone through all of them in my Dating Chronicles. At this point, I don’t care so much about the past; I’m looking forward to the future. I’m trying so hard to allow myself to love, trust, and to be free of bitterness.

Thanks Lu for changing my world in such a short span of time!
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