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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm on the wellness committee at work, and we have started a weight loss program. It is sort of like the biggest loser. I'm really excited about it. We are even having weekly challenges, only they consist of no sweets for a week, no fast food for a week, and adding more time/days of workouts! Not like the crazy intense challenges that the people on the show endure. You have to lose a min of 8 pds for your name to be place in the final pot, but i think that I will set my goal at 11 pds...the program runs for 11 weeks. A pound a week shouldn't be too hard. I'm back to point counting...I never really stopped, but now I'm making sure that I stay within my point value limit of 18-25.

The program starts on Monday...I hope that I succeed!
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