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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decisions are the worst

I have lived in my condo for a little over four years now. When I moved in, I plugged in my TV and voila I had cable. I thought that it was part of the association dues and thought nothing of it.

Fast forward 4 Saturday morning, I turn on my TV and half of my channels no longer work...TNT, Lifetime, BET, BRAVO, HGTV, TLC...and I thought to myself- wow that really sucks, but at least I still have USA. Side note, I love USA- all the Law & Order SVU Marathons...what more can a girl ask for? I also then discovered ION TV...Criminal Minds...another "greatest show ever!"

Fast forward a few weeks...I turn on my TV and I have no working channels...WTF!!!! Damn digital switch over. Apparently cable is not included in my assessment fees! I have gone close to 3 weeks with out any TV...I can still play my Wii and watch movies, but that has been getting old.

On Sunday, while at my parent's house, I took action = I asked my dad if he had a converter box, which I knew he would! Finally, I thought I can watch TV again!!! So I go home, all happy and excited that I will be able to watch Brothers and Sisters. WRONG...apparently I need an antenna for it to work. Boo Berries.

Yesterday, I stop by my parent's house to see if per chance they have an antenna...(my parents have sisters and I consider them our own personal store). So, I go home thinking yet again that I will finally be able to watch some TV. I plug it in and...I get 2 freaking channels...WGN & UPN. It should be noted that they come in super fuzzy and the signal breaks about every 3 minutes.

So, here is where the decision making time comes I allow Comcast to sodomize me with their outrageous rates and finally pay for cable? Or do I live with out TV? Both have pros and is sad when your friends make fun of you- get into the 21st century or my favorite "even people on welfare have cable."

So, I guess I'll just wait and see how long I can deal with this before I break and buy cable. The problem then starts...well if I'm already paying so freaking much for it, why not pay a little more and get HBO and Showtime...then I can watch Dexter...all of a sudden I'm paying over $100 for stupid TV.

Decisions are the Worst I tell you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Angry Fists


Don't you hate people that don't fight fair- the ones that can dish it, but the second that you say something you are this horrible person and they can't believe you would say such hurtful things...ok it's ok for them to be rude, selfish and hurtful, but hearing the TRUTH about them is too much for them to handle; so they just leave with out even finishing the conversastion....

Crafty Mondays

For 2010 I have made a resolution to be more active in my hobbies: reading, blogging, running, and scrapbooking/card making. It all makes me so happy and for me 2010 is all about being happy!!!

Crafty Mondays has been instated...every Monday night, I will leave work on time at 4:30 and go to Archiver's for some creative good times! Last night, I worked on some Valentine's Day cards...

Friday, January 15, 2010

The evolution of coffee and Dani: A true love story

Once upon a time, I hated coffee; couldn't understand why people loved it so much. What was good about a cup of hot poo water? When I was about 16, my girl friends all started to like coffee, so we'd meet up at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. I would go to socialize, never for the coffee. After several years, Mary begged me to try a sip of her Caramel Frap...and what do you know, I was in love. I mean, how could you not be in love with that sugary frozen yumminess. I was hooked on them from that point on-by this point, I'm talking about Jr. yr of COLLEGE...yes it took me that long to sip it.

The first time I tried something other than a frap was late 2007. I finally got over my hatred for warm drinks and tried a nonfat caramel latte...again I was in love. Through the years, I did try other lattes and took lots of shots of espresso.

My mother has made espresso every night after dinner since I was a little girl. I would not try it and when I finally did, I was so angry that I had been missing out on the goodness for so many years. She uses an old school Italian espresso maker that you put on the stove, the espresso tastes so much better!!!

It was not until this summer that I tried my first cup of American Coffee (thanks Mary and Joel). It had enough creamer in it to almost taste like a latte. In hopes of saving money I made the switch from Starbys to the free American coffee at work. it was difficult at first for me to like it, and get used to it. I would pour in tons of creamer.

One day at the grocery store, they didn't have the right creamer, so I bought the generic was gross and left an oily feeling on my lips. That day I decided to try my coffee with just a pack of Splenda. I thought that it actually tasted better!!! END OF CREAMER FOR ME. Then, one day there was no Splenda, so I said f*&k it, I'll try it black...and like the saying goes..."once you go black, you'll never go back!!!"

So there you have it...the love story between Coffee and I.

Wow, I'm really avoiding work right now...

Life in Review

I have been MIA for some time, not only from the blogosphere, but in life in general. Most of my days have been filled with hours upon hours of...WORK! Yes, that is what my life has boiled down to. Really cool eh?

Due to one of my (ex) coworker's "awesome" work habits and "grand" quality of work, and a tiny bit the recession that we are in, he was let go. FINALLY!!! After a year plus of calling in every other Monday, having to leave work to go stuff his bird, having salmonella (for just one day?), and um...just not doing his work, they let him go. It's kinda sad that we (office people) all miss having him around because of his crazy excuses of why he can't come to work. Him no longer being here = all his semi worked files being divided to myself and 2 other coworkers of mine which in turn = I HAVE NO LIFE AND WORK ALL THE TIME.

I did take a weekend trip to Austin, TX to visit James (background on James) and his wife. I was hoping for a warm weather trip in January, but was lucky enough to have Chicago weather minus the snow!

It was still a good time...My favorite part of the trip was going to some wineries in Johnson City. It has inspired me to plan a wine tasting trip. I just discovered that there are tons of Wine Trails in IL which I plan to visit in the summer!!!

At some point I'll add some pictures...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life check

I was feeling down a few days ago, I was was going to name this shortcomings of a decade; thinking about it, I decided that I should be proud of my accomplishments from the decade. We all have moments in time that we wish we could go back and change...that "WHAT IF" but, in this new year & decade, I have decided to make positive changes.

Most of life has been spent thinking that the glass is half full, somewhere, I lost the positive light, I allowed negative thoughts and emotions to over power me. I lost track of what is important. I stopped doing all the things that I loved, that are important to me, and make me who I am. I let it all go, and lost myself in the process. I feel like I stopped living in the present, waited for something to happen, something to make me happy. But the truth is, I can't wait to start living, I want to participate in life daily. Why wait till tomorrow, when I can do it now. Life is all about what we make out of it, it doesn't matter how big or small, the small things count just as much as the big.

So, for my first blog of the year, I'm looking at all the accomplishments from the past decade...both big and small (that I can remember)...

Graduated High School
Double majored and graduated in 4 years from college
Made several scrapbooks...(I plan on scrapbooking more this year)
Found a good job & kept it- going on 5 years soon!
Bought a condo at age 23
Bought a car and paid it off
Fully furnished my place
Wrote several papers the night before they were due or the day of and received A's.
Took Insurance courses to further my maybe career.
Had several relationships that taught me very valuable life lessons.
Read several books.
Took some awesome pictures...
Discovered a best friend in someone whom most would have written off.

And there are many more...

I wish everyone a happy, positive, and full filling new year!!!
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