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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Childhood days

Tonight I am spending the night at my parent's house. This will be the second time in three years since I bought my own place. Tomorrow AM I'm flying out to Denver & it will just be easier if I don't have to drive here @ 530Am! Being here, in my old bedroom always reminds me of my childhood days. Such fun memories I have in here...all the different ways I had it decorated throughout the years...all the slumber parties. Things were so much simplier then. I question why I was so eager to grow up? Ahhh well at least for tonight, I can pretend I'm still a little kid! I'm planning on searching for some old photos...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm sitting at starbucks (thats right I have caved) sipping on my light sugary coffee drink, waiting for my friends. Waiting seems to be a trend in my life. I feel like i have been waiting to really start my life since I was a kid. I recall a time in the 4th grade when I was hoping to skip ahead to high school to start really living. While in high school I waited for college to start my life. Granted I have enjoyed my life and have had many
experinces and great memories. But I still find myself waiting. I want to stop waiting, stop pushing stuff off until tomorrow, and start living!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quote of the day

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
Thomas Edison

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's AIC time!

This is what is keeping me busy lately. I have signed up for two online insurance classes. I'm working towards an AIC, figure I may get a better raise...

I started taking classes for it last year I think, but have been very slow going through it. I just want it to be done and over with, hence the two classes at once. I have actually read the first chapters in the text books and they were surprisingly interesting. I think maybe throughout my whole college career I read maybe 10 chapters in total...haha. It should be noted that I did graduate with honors.

I shall see if my motivation to keep up with the classes lasts. My other classes where all completed at the last min- ahhh the beauty of online classes. Right now I'm deciding if I should go swimming or read...ummm...I think that swimming is going to win! It's so nice out though!!!

Plus, the past 2 days I have been working on it nonstop. I even went to the Library...haven't been in once since college- 5 years ago. I decided that working on it at home won't work...too many distractions. At least until I remember what it's like to be a student again. Ha, by that time I'll be done.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's been 1 month

Hello, my name is Dani and I'm a Starbuck-a-holic. It's been 1 month since I have been sober. In this month I have saved over $125. It has been a difficult month, there have been several times when my need/want for Starbucks was so strong; I feared that my addiction would overcome my will power to withstand.

I can only hope that I'm strong enough to make it another month!

Lazy Sunday

This is how i will be spending my day! Ahhh how I love summer!

I spent all day playing in my parent's pool, my childhood days were filled of swimming in the pool for hours on end. Today was a beautiful day to spend laying around in the pool.

After swimming, I finished up by using my parent's outdoor is actually very nice to shower outside. I remember when my father built it I made fun of him, but the few times that I have used it, I see it's beauty. There is something very relaxing about showering outdoors.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Go Roma

I'm shopping with my sisters and we stopped at Go Roma for lunch. This is my first mobile post! Hope that it works.

The pizza that I had was excellent- it was the sun dried tomato and goat cheese pizza. Also had spinach, black olives, and mozz wonderfully good. I recommend to all!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dating Chronicles # 10, "I'm 23 plus 10"

I was in my early 20's and on a break with time table I can remember.

I was at a local "club" with Mary on a Friday night- we wanted to go out dancing, but didn't feel like making the drive to the City. So we head to The Lodge...while walking in, I see this handsome black male, with an excellent looking body: nice and tight and firm, I also enjoyed his outfit (the important things I know)!

So Mary and I get to dancing and we are having a good old time and the boy approaches, makes some small talk and then asks if I would dance with him. It was nice to have a guy actually ask if we could dance instead of him assuming that I would want to- so I said sure- that and the fact that I thought he was HOT!

I danced with him for most of the night, and thought that he was nice. So, at the end of the night, when he asked for my number I was more then happy to give it to him. I couldn't remember his name for the life of me, so the next day I had a friend call him (it was an oops wrong #). He said his name was Danny. When he called and left me a message later that day he said his name was Nigel...RED FLAG.

I don't remember much about him, besides that he had 2 names, was a black man with an English accent, and was part of the Israeli Intelligence? Yeah I'm not too sure...He had just moved to the area and was living with a random family. RED FLAGS all over the place. I remember looking through his wallet and find fake credit cards with all different names on them...more RED FLAGS.

So Danny/Nigel told me that he was day he decided to tell me that he was 23 plus 10...RED FLAG. I also remember him telling me that he had lost $25K at the airport while flying to the states...RED FLAG who would carry that much cash? And he couldn't pay for our dinner on a date, but a week later he picked me up in his brand new Mercedes...yea RED FLAG.

Danny/Nigel and I did not date very long. One thing he was good at was hugging- he gave the best hugs felt like the whole world was at a standstill and I was the only living thing...

Any ideas on him? I think that he was a scam artist...and that the 3 weeks we dated was 3 weeks too much!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday Night Date Night

Last night, I went on a wonderful date to the D.O.C Wine Bar. We sat outside, had great conversation, great food, and great drinks! Wine is half off for "happy hour;" Illinois bans happy hour...bitches! To go along with our wine, we decided to get a platter with cheeses and meats. I learned yesterday that I am sheltered when it comes to cheese. I have tried basic American cheeses, and some Italian cheeses, but I honestly have no clue about cheese.

We picked two Cheddar flavors (to be safe) and the most wonderful tasting Gouda. I have never had Gouda before, and I'm super picky, so I was nervous. It was awesome though it tasted like nuts and maple; it's call Marieke Gouda Foenegreek. If you have an opportunity to try it- I suggest you do! You will not be disappointed.

I would like to continue to try more/different cheeses. I have noticed that every time I do try another cheese, I tend to like it. Plus wine and cheese how can you go wrong?

We finished the night with an awesome dessert...the Lincoln Park Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Rum Carmel. The cookie is served in a VERY hot skillet -I burned myself, right after the waitress told us to be careful not to touch the skillet. Go me! I tend to burn myself right arm alone has 5 burn marks alone. Did I mention that I'm clumsy and not too careful when it comes to hot things?

I plan of going back to the D.O.C Wine Bar and would recommend others to try it too. They have other things to drink/eat besides wine and cheese if that is not your thing. It's reasonably priced and the service was good. We sat outside; I <3 dinning alfresco, but the inside is very clean and modern. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Thanks JD for a wonderful date night!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Wish List

Since I'm on a saving money kick, and can't purchase any of my desires, I will have to make a wish list...anyone who is feeling generous and wants to donate to the Dani is poor fund, feel free to! Donations are welcome...

So here is goes...just to make sure that we are all on the same page, I know that I'm materialistic, but a girl can wish can't she....

First on the list: A 40 inch LCD flat pretty

Next on the list is the CANON POWER SHOT D10 12.1 MEGAPIXEL...this camera can go underwater, is freeze proof, and can be tossed around alittle with out breaking it. Since I drop everything is camera is great!

Next on the list is a Vera Bradley purse, laptop bag, and file folders...too bad her products are mostly made in China...even if I had the money, I wouldn't be able to but them :(.

This is the Carnaby Saddle Up

This is the Bali Gold Laptop Bag

And the Calypso File Folders

That is all for now...I'll be sure to update my list!

The Four Eyes Club

I recall many a time in grade school making fun of my peers for wearing glasses. Lucky for me, my vision was intact until puberty hit. In my childhood days, I was able, like all other 20/20 vision children, to throw out the "whatever you have four eyes" insult.

To my dismay, puberty struck and my vision went south...isn't that supposed to happen when your old? Lucky for me, my mother and her crazy Sicilian ways excluded me from the four eyes club until my 19th year of existence. She was positive that it was puberty causing me not to see- so for years I dealt with it...

What shocked me when I finally joined the four eyes club, was the positive attention that I received from my glasses. Granted, I have an impeccable sense of fashion and style (why all of a sudden do I hear Carly Simon singing Your so Vein?) so I was able to pick out a pair that suited me well...I was all nervous about people making fun of me because I looked nerdy in glasses, but all I can really remember getting lots and lots and lots of sex after getting my glasses...apparently, guys (at least the guys I date) seem to love the sexy librarian look. Low and behold, glasses have worked their magic for me again....lots and lots of sex!

On Friday, I finally decided to go to the eye doctor...after wearing 2 week lens for 8 months, I decided that I had to go. They were my last pair of lens; there were tiny pieces around the edges missing...super nasty, yes I know. I'm bad at going to doctors...

I am now the proud owner of new contacts and fun/sey green glasses....that I love!
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