Little Sicily Shares All...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


My sister has had her house on the market for the past two years. She was stuck in a house that she purchased with her ex husband, and finally, her house has sold. Closing day is April 21st. I wish her luck on her new journeys, and hope that she never looks back!

5 by 6.5 inches

White card with yellow card stock.
Patterned paper with multi colored houses.
A die cut of a yellow house , brown card stock with congrats in yellow.
Multi colored ribbon across the roof.

Card can be purchased HERE for $4.00

Today was my 1st day of double work outs...during my lunch hour I did strength training and after work, I ran. During mile 1 my legs were cramping up and I didn't think that I could make it. I just kept saying to myself try to go a little longer...just a little longer. In the end, I was able to finish my run. I will be sleeping like a baby tonight.


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