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Saturday, March 19, 2011

My first craft show!

My first craft show was on Saturday! Here is what my setup looked like. It was a good first experience, I just wish that more customers would have come through. My next show is in April, I'm hoping it will be better than the first!

My dad built the free standing card stand; I think that he did an amazing job with it. I love it, especially the little shelf that I was able to use for my frames. Lu helped me with the other displays on the table. It was a foam board with string tied across it, with clothing pins holding the cards. Finding a way to get the board to stay up was a challenge at first. we were in the store trying to come up with different ideas...who would of ever thought Popsicle sticks could be so useful!!!

Lu also helped me with the table cloth. That is the logo that I stamp on the back of all my cards. Lu was able to draw it onto the fabric (thank you sooo very much) and then I knitted it. It was a long and tiring process, but the end result was great!

Special thanks also goes out to my sister who helped me to organize all of my stuff and make a fabulous spread sheet on excel.

I have more shows coming up; I hope that it continues to get better from here. I'm also thinking about an outdoor craft show at a summer fest. This is all so exciting for me!


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